Explore our Vietnamese dress wedding collection

The Ao Dai, a traditional Vietnamese dress, holds the essence of cultural heritage and modern style, making it a perfect choice for your wedding.

Discover the beauty of Ao Dai

Our Vietnamese dress wedding collection showcases a diverse range of Ao Dai designs, each meticulously crafted with linen. Gaia's commitment to using natural fabrics adds a touch of authenticity to these splendid pieces, ensuring comfort and a connection to tradition.

Exquisite hand-embroidery

What sets our Vietnamese dress wedding collection apart is the artful touch of hand embroidery. Our skilled artisans create intricate patterns and designs, adding a level of sophistication that transforms each piece into a unique work of art. From delicate floral motifs to symbolic patterns, the hand embroidery enhances the beauty of our Ao Dai.

Versatility in style

Gaia understands that every bride is unique, and so is her style. That's why our collection offers a variety of styles, from modern to traditional designs. Whether you prefer a high-neck, boat neck, or V-neck Ao Dai, we provide customization options to tailor the dress to your taste.