Sustainable fabric

Linen, the heart of our creations, is a natural fiber derived from the flax plant — a renewable resource thriving in poor-quality soil without the need for chemical pesticides. Our linen production is a zero-waste process, utilizing the entire flax plant and ensuring full biodegradability.

Local production with low emissions

Every linen piece is meticulously crafted by the skilled hands of local artisans, right here in Vietnam. Local production not only ensures excellent quality but also reduces CO2 emissions during transportation.

Zero waste

Gaia takes control of its production processes with an in-house facility, making sorting and recycling our highest priority. Our sustainability objective revolves around the minimization of waste.

Sustainable packaging

We use cartons that may be repurposed to package products (without our logo) as part of our waste reduction efforts. We strive to reuse these boxes to minimize environmental impact.

Community support

Beyond environmental consciousness, Gaia actively supports local communities and initiates social programs. Whether through our products, the contributions of our team, or other resources, we consistently take the time to support those in need and engage in meaningful volunteering activities.