About Us

At Gaia, our journey kicks off with a real love for nature, especially this sustainable fabric called linen. We looked around and saw how much the fashion world was messing with the environment. So, we thought, 'Hey, why not use Vietnam's awesome natural resources to do something different?'

That's when Gaia was born. We weren't just about making clothes; we wanted to shake things up and give you a better, eco-friendly option in fashion. 

The Gaia name: Reasons behind the choice

Our name, Gaia, is an ode to the Greek Earth goddess, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to Mother Earth. The primary fabric in our creations, linen, is a natural fiber that harmonizes with the very essence of our namesake. Every step, from design to embroidery, is meticulously carried out by the hands of talented women artisans. This not only celebrates the creativity of women but also mirrors the harmony.

What sets Gaia apart?

At Gaia, we believe in making clothes that matter. We follow a 'Make to Order' idea, which means we only make what you need, reducing waste. We also love the fact that everyone's body is unique. That's why we Respect Body Imperfections, celebrating the beauty in our differences. It's not just about sizes and shapes; it's about making fashion that fits you, just the way you are.

Hand-embroidered linen wedding dress

Where comfort meets style

Gaia strives to create a perfect fusion of comfort and style in every piece.

Made-to-order clothing

Meet individual measurements

Tailoring our creations to meet the unique measurements of each individual.

madebygaia handmade

Handmade & Ethical base

Every step, from design to embroidery, is carried out by the hands of talented women artisans, emphasizing the value of handmade and ethical practices.

Sustainable clothing

Slow fashion for a green lifestyle

Gaia advocates for slow fashion, encouraging a sustainable and mindful approach to style.

Madebygaia sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Committed to using eco-friendly packaging, reducing our environmental footprint.