Where to buy traditional Vietnamese dress?

Where to buy traditional Vietnamese dress?

Traditional Vietnamese dresses, particularly the Ao Dai, are renowned for their elegance and timeless beauty. If you're wondering where to buy traditional Vietnamese dress, there are many options available.

Whether you're looking for a dress for a special occasion or simply to embrace Vietnamese culture, finding the perfect Ao Dai can be a delightful journey. In this blog post, MadebyGaia will explore some of the best places to buy traditional Vietnamese dresses.

Where to buy vietnamese traditional dress?

Local boutiques in Vietnam

For the most authentic experience, purchasing an Ao Dai in Vietnam is unbeatable. Cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hoi An are famous for their skilled tailors and vibrant fabric markets.

  • Hanoi: Head to Hang Gai Street, also known as Silk Street, where you'll find numerous shops offering custom-made Ao Dai. Additionally, MadebyGaia in Hanoi offers beautifully crafted Ao Dai and provides custom tailoring services to ensure a perfect fit according to your measurements.
The Ao Dai from MadebyGaia
You can purchase Ao Dai at MadebyGaia.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Visit the Ben Thanh Market or the Tan Dinh Market to explore a wide range of fabrics and find skilled tailors.
  • Hoi An: Known for its tailoring services, Hoi An offers quick and high-quality tailoring. You can have a custom Ao Dai made within a day or two.

Online retailers

If you can't travel to Vietnam, there are several online retailers that offer beautiful traditional Vietnamese dresses.

  • Etsy: This platform hosts many independent sellers who offer custom-made Ao Dai. You can communicate your preferences and measurements directly with the sellers.
  • Amazon: There are numerous options available on Amazon, ranging from ready-to-wear Ao Dai to custom-made options.
  • MadebyGaia: Our Ao Dai collection at MadebyGaia offers exquisitely crafted Ao Dai with hand-embroidered details, ensuring you get a piece that is both traditional and unique. We also provide custom tailoring based on your measurements for a perfect fit. Additionally, we offer Ao Dai for men.
Ao Dai with painting pattern by MadebyGaia

The Ao Dai with MadebyGaia's painting pattern.

Vietnamese cultural stores

In many cities around the world, you can find stores dedicated to Vietnamese culture. These stores often carry traditional clothing, including Ao Dai, along with other cultural items.

  • Vietnamese community centers: Check with local Vietnamese community centers or cultural associations, as they often have recommendations or even small shops within their premises.
  • Asian markets: Larger Asian markets sometimes have shops that sell traditional clothing from various Asian countries, including Vietnam.

Custom tailoring services

If you want a truly unique Ao Dai, consider using custom tailoring services. Many tailors around the world specialize in creating traditional Vietnamese dresses.

  • Local Tailors: Look for tailors in your area who specialize in Asian garments. They can help you choose the right fabric and design for your Ao Dai.
  • MadebyGaia: We offer online custom tailoring services where you can send your measurements to us, and we will create an unique Ao Dai that fits you perfectly.
Where to buy traditional Vietnamese dress?
MadebyGaia is handmade according to your measurements and preferences.

Tips for buying traditional Vietnamese dresses

Know your measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial for a perfect fit, especially when ordering online or custom-made Ao Dai.

Choose the right fabric: Traditional Ao Dai are often made from silk, but you can also find them in cotton, linen, and other materials. Choose a fabric that suits the occasion and climate.

Consider the occasion: Ao Dai come in various styles suitable for different events. Opt for a more elaborate design for weddings or festivals and a simpler design for casual wear.

Finding the perfect traditional Vietnamese dress can be a rewarding experience. You can shop locally in Vietnam, explore online options, or work with a custom tailor. Hope the article "Where to buy traditional Vietnamese dress?" provides you with the answer you're looking for!

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